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Farm2Fork Connection

We're working with local, family-owned farms to provide our communities with a wide selection of fresh, safe produce year-round.

Sustainably Fresh

Traders Hill Farm is totally committed to food safety. We've invested heavily in our facilities, processes, and people to ensure we produce food that is clean, safe, and delicious.

We place absolute importance on food safety. In fact, it is priority number one for Traders Hill Farm. Part of achieving this high level of food safety is our emphasis on sustainability and using no chemicals on the food we grow.

We wanted to offer our communities more of a variety of fresh, safe products so we started the Farm2Fork Connection.

Now, more people across the region can enjoy a range of locally sourced, fresh produce.

This network of locally owned and operated farms, many family-owned, all share Traders Hill Farm's unwavering commitment to food safety and sustainability.

Featured Farms

Featured Farms


Siembra Farm

Gainesville, FL

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Blackshear, GA

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Dasher Farms

McAlpin, FL


Towers Family Farm

Palatka, FL

Partner Farm Gallery

Partner Farm Gallery
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