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Dasher Farm

In business for over 35 years, Dasher Farm has continually evolved: transitioning from a traditional row crop operation to a protected agricultural system that requires no chemical application.

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Locally Owned & Operated

Situated in western Florida, Dasher Farm has been serving local communities for over three decades.


Recognizing a major shift in the public's demand for locally grown, sustainable produce, Dasher Farm has implemented a protected, indoor approach to growing produce varieties.

This program shortens growth time and increases overall crop yield.

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Quality & Variety

The variety that Dasher Farm produces allows and encourages the local customer to step outside his or her comfort zone and experience something new and totally different!

Local restaurants are enjoying the freshness and high quality of Dasher produce and are seeing that their customers are also taking notice!

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Community Impact

Dasher Farm believes that locally grown products not only help the local economy, but also help the community put a face with the grower.

The community can take pride in the fact that their produce is grown locally.

Because of Traders Hill Farm's partnership, more people in surrounding communities now have access to fresh, locally grown Dasher produce.

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[Our relationship with Traders Hill Farm] has diversified our crop production and has been a channel to markets we could not have tapped on our own.

Randall Dasher


They are easy to work with and take pride in the products that they distribute.

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