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The Farm

Traders Hill Farm is a regional leader in farming for the future.

Just take a look around, and you'll see how we're changing farming forever.

Farming Evolved

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Growing More. Less Impact.

Traders Hill Farm set out to do more than become an organic food producer. We wanted to demonstrate, through innovation and a systematic scientific approach to agriculture, that we could increase crop yield and grow year-round without harmful chemicals or waste.

We worked for years developing a proprietary, closed-loop system that is regenerative, sustainable, and that has achieved zero waste.

We can't wait to share with you how we did it.



A Perfect Combination

Traders Hill Farm utilizes a cutting-edge system to grow healthy produce both quickly and more sustainably than traditional farming: Aquaponics.

This closed-loop approach is a blend of aquaculture and hydroponics and allows for maximum plant health, zero waste, and minimal environmental impact.

It all starts with water & fish.

This is just the beginning. Keep reading to see how this system produces clean, safe, and healthy food.

Food Safety

Food Safety

Ensuring our food meets the highest quality and safety standards is the number one priority of our daily activities.


Our dedicated and highly trained team is committed to rigorous food safety practices that meet and exceed national standards of food safety and quality.


We are constantly training in the latest quality and safety standards issued by the USDA and SQF.


This has resulted in Traders Hill Farm being the only aquaponics farm in the United States to achieve SQF Level 3 certification. 


At Traders Hill Farm, we walk the walk when it comes to food safety. It's who we are.



Traders Hill Farm is the only aquaponics farm in the United States to have achieved Safe Quality Food status. This is the highest certification level a farm can achieve, and we're proud to exceed the food safety standards of the USDA.

We maintain this status by undergoing an annual on-site audit conducted by a third-party certifying organization.

SQF is recognized globally by food service providers and retailers that require a strict and credible food safety management system.


As part of our core values of food safety and being customer-centric, Traders Hill Farm participates in ongoing training of our employees in HACCP safety protocols.

This rigorous training regimen is necessary to maintain our ultra-high standards of food safety. 

By adhering to HACCP protocols, Traders Hill Farm ensures that our food is free from biological, chemical, and physical hazards that may render our produce unsafe for consumption.


As an additional layer to our approach to food safety, Traders Hill Farm requires all employees to participate in ServSafe food handling courses.


These courses focus on hygiene, cleanliness, and food handling.


ServSafe courses are required by restaurants...not most farms. 


However our participation further demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to growing and packaging clean, safe food.


In an effort to reduce the number of foodborne illness cases in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has enacted the Food Safety Modernization Act.


This act focuses on the transition of our nation's food safety system away from a response-based approach to one of prevention.


Traders Hill Farm is doing its part to reduce foodborne illness by participating in the FSMA and adhering to its seven major rules.

Who We Are

Who We Are
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Traders Hill Farm is more than an aquaponics farm. We're a team of driven people dedicated to producing quality, fresh, and safe foods to our community.

We stay true to our mission because we hold fast to our core values: guideposts along our journey to helping create sustainability in agriculture.

Because food safety is priority number one, Traders Hill Farm takes the extra steps to develop each employee to his or her fullest potential...through ongoing training, taking active roles in leadership, and brand outreach.

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