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This family farm sold exclusively to consumers and at local farmer's markets. With the help of Traders Hill Farm, their fresh, sustainable produce is being enjoyed by even more people.

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Family Owned & Operated

Since 2017, BAMMM Farms been serving the communities of southeast Georgia.

Owners Benji & Angie Adams are committed to sustainability and providing clean, safe food to families and the community...All while being environmentally responsible.

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Farm-to-Table Focused

A family affair, BAMMM Farms has been able to provide customers an alternative way to buy fresh, safe produce by selling directly to consumers and at area farmer's markets. 

Southeast Georgia customers appreciate the freshness, variety, and flavor of the seasonal produce BAMMM provides.

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Community Impact

BAMMM Farms believes that the health and wellbeing of the community and the planet are improved by supporting local farms.

Being a part of the Farm2Fork Connection at Traders Hill Farm, BAMMM Farms has been able to reach a broader range of customers.

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Benji & Angie Adams


The exposure and access to new customers through Traders Hill Farm has helped our growth tremendously.

We have been able to reach a broader ranger of customers through Traders Hill Farm.

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