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Siembra Farm

A small-scale organic farm situated in southeast Gainesville that is changing local agriculture in a big way.


Collectively Operated

Siembra Farm has adopted a collective model for their operation, helmed by Cody, Anna, & Jennifer.

Siembra Farm believes in being open and transparent in their business. That's why they are employee-managed, offer profit sharing, and pay a living wage.

Siembra Farm is also blazing new trails as a women-led farm.


Focused on Sustainability

Growing an ever-rotating range of fresh produce, Siembra Farm remains at the forefront of sustainable land management.

Never using chemicals on their food, harnessing the power of the sun for their electrical needs, and being mindful of water usage, Siembra Farm demonstrates that by taking care of the land, the land will take care of you.


Community Impact

Through the Farm2Fork Connection with Traders Hill Farm, Siembra Farm provides fresh produce to the University of Florida, which feeds thousands of students.

Gainesville and surrounding communities have benefited from the connection to the land that Siembra Farm offers: fresh, sustainable, local produce that not only promotes healthy living but also positive micro-economic impact.


Cody Galligan

Collective Member

Traders Hill has significantly increased our wholesale income this past spring season.

[They] do the legwork so we can focus on high quality products and not the administrative parts of selling to larger corporations.

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