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Buy Fresh & Local

Whether you're looking to place a single order, or subscribe to one of our carefully sourced fresh products are always in season!

And most of our produce can be on your plate within 48 hours of being harvested.

Farm to Table Freshness

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Locally Sourced.
Expertly Grown.

Traders Hill Farm is proud of the way we grow fresh produce. Our indoor farm grows lettuce faster, eliminates waste, and creates no runoff.

Our partner farms are committed to the same level of sustainability and safety.


Together, through the Farm2Fork Connection, we provide Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia clean, safe, and fresh produce year-round.

Check out what's growing, make a purchase, and get freshly harvested produce delivered right to your door.

Who We Are

Who We Are
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Traders Hill Farm is more than an aquaponics farm. We're a team of driven people dedicated to producing quality, fresh, and safe foods to our community.

We stay true to our mission because we hold fast to our core values: guideposts along our journey to helping create sustainability in agriculture.

Because food safety is priority number one, Traders Hill Farm takes the extra steps to develop each employee to his or her fullest potential...through ongoing training, taking active roles in leadership, and brand outreach.

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