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Our Story

At Traders Hill, we nurture our connection with not only the food we produce and our farm family, but also our community family.

The Foundation for Health & Wellness


Safe. Clean. Real Food.

Welcome to Traders Hill Farm! We're a local aquaponics farm that provides clean and sustainable produce to retailers, restaurants, and families across Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia.


When you eat produce from Traders Hill Farm, you can be sure that it is grown sustainably and without pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.


This safe, fresh, and delicious produce offers the highest level of nutrition, quality, and taste to our customers.

At Traders Hill Farm, this unwavering commitment to food safety and sustainability is at the heart of our entire operation.

How Our Farm Works

Growing Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities


Not only do we produce organic lettuce and tomatoes year-round at our Hilliard, FL indoor farm, we've also partnered with farms across the region that meet our strict standards so that we can provide fresh produce to regional communities.

Our partnership platform also includes food distributors, grocers, and restaurants...all playing a vital role in our growing distribution network.

This Farm2Fork Connection puts locally grown produce on the plates of more people.

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Our Core Values

Core Vaues

Our mission doesn't just end with the produce we provide to our communities...we are committed to being healthy, sustainable, and growing tasty pesticide-free foods year-round, while also keeping waste to zero.


Our team is passionate about what we do: From our visionary leadership to our dedicated employees, we believe in our core values and are unwavering in our dedication to following them. 

Fresh Produce Florida

Develop People

The team at Traders Hill Farm is our greatest asset.


That's why we are committed to developing the talents of our team members and fostering an environment of inclusiveness.


The success of our farm is due to the effort and care each and every member of our team puts into our cause day in and day out.

Florida Organic Farming

Encourage Innovation

A drive to make things better breeds innovation.


We recognize our team members hold different skills, ideas, and knowledge...all of which are essential to moving forward.

With our continued growth and constant exchanging of new ideas, we are confident that we can fulfill our vision of farming the right way.

Central Florida Farmers Market

Live Safety

We recognize that we have an awesome responsibility...not only for the safety of our team members but also for the health and safety of our consumers.


We have adopted a culture of workplace safety and an uncompromising stance on providing safe and clean food.


Every member of our farm family is trained in and follows rigorous food safety protocols so we can ensure the food you're consuming is not only fresh but 100% safe.

Organic Farms in South Florida


We believe that if you support nature instead of trying to change it, the results will be nothing short of amazing.


Our entire farm is built on the premise that we can grow products in an organic and sustainable way all while eliminating waste.

This is how we're changing farming forever.

Florida Organic Growers

Customer Centric

Customers are the lifeblood of Traders Hill Farm. Every team member represents the Traders Hill Brand and our core values. We are committed to providing not only quality products, but also exceptional customer service.

We constantly engage our customers and ask for their feedback, and move quickly and decisively to resolve any issues that may arise.

Being a farm family means that we treat every customer as if they were a guest in our own home: with courtesy, kindness, and respect.

Organic Farms in South Florida

Embrace Our
Farm Family

At Traders Hill Farm, we are all a family. The success of our business is dependent on the success of each team member. 

We are committed to investing in our team members so that each person can live his or her best life.

We welcome new ideas and encourage dialogue from all our employees: regardless of their experience level or position.

That's what family does.

Community Involvement


Growing Our Farm Family

Traders Hill Farm is about more than providing clean, safe, and sustainable produce to our customers...we're dedicated to helping grow healthy communities.

Local is our way of life.

From working with local school districts to provide children and families access to organic produce, to working with area charities and participating in agricultural education programs...we're always seeking opportunities to serve others.

It's just who we are.


A Rich Heritage

Established in the mid-1700s, Trader's Hill was a trading post and small settlement on the St. Marys River in what is now Charlton County, Georgia.


During the Civil War, Trader's Hill became a refugee site for local people, including residents of St. Marys, fleeing the coast.


After the construction of the Savannah, Florida & Western Railway, the center of commerce in the area shifted from the river to the railway, leaving Traders Hill in a decline that ultimately led it to become a ghost town.

Today, THF Natural Resources (the parent company of Traders Hill Farm) and the Blaudow family have established a conservation easement around the original Trader's Hill Trading Post, preserving its history for future generations.

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