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Fresh salad with chicken, tomatoes and m

Live your best life
with foods that promote
health and wellness.
We provide clean, safe, fresh foods grown locally.

Our Farm Your Table

From Our Farm to Your Table

Farm Fresh. Really.

From the very beginning, Traders Hill Farm has endeavored to provide clean, safe, and real foods to our community through truly sustainable farming practices. 

Our entire approach to farming is different. We go way beyond organic.


As an aquaponics farm, we have created a closed system that's free of pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and is so efficient, we create zero waste.

We produce and sell only nutrient-rich foods you'll not only enjoy but feel good about putting in your body.

Fewer Food Miles.
More Goodness.

On average, the majority of produce sold in the United States travels hundreds, if not thousands of miles to get from where it was grown to your local grocery store.

Produce from Traders Hill Farm

is different.


We are committed to providing locally grown, clean, and safe produce to as many people in our communities as possible...That's why we've partnered with regional farms who share our core values.

These partnerships ensure more plates are full of a variety of fresh, healthy foods that go from picked to plate in only 24-48 hours.

That's the value of local.

Fresh. Sustainable. Safe.


Food Safety.
More Than a Mantra.

At Trader’s Hill Farm, food freshness, sustainability, and safety is more than an abstract is at the center of our core values.


We place absolute and uncompromised importance on the safety of the food we grow.

Ensuring the food we provide to our customers meets the highest quality and safety standards is at the heart of our day to day activities.


We also hold our partner farms to these same high standards.

The result is food that is healthy, safe and delicious.

Committed to Community

We recognize we have an awesome responsibility to provide clean and healthy foods to restaurants, resorts, grocery stores, and families across the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia region.


That's why we never compromise our high standards.


Our core values are more more than a mantra...they are our guideposts.


By sticking to the values of sustainability, food safety, team member empowerment, and exceptional customer service, Traders Hill Farm continually renews its commitment to our community.

After all, we live and work here, too.


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