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Workplace Wellness

Equip Employees for Healthy Living


Workplace wellness has become more than a perk of a person's career. In fact, a workplace wellness program is a determining factor for many applicants seeking employment.

In a Harvard Business School report, it was determined that American-based companies spend over $3 less on employee medical expenses for every $1 the company spent on a wellness program.

Traders Hill Farm is proud to be a part of many workplace wellness programs across Northeast Florida.

Our farm grows and sources fresh, locally grown vegetables and then expertly curates them into the Wellness Salad Boxx, which typically makes 4 salads with extra veggies for cooking or snacking!

Traders Hill Farm will work with your organization to create a Boxx Delivery Plan, that is custom-tailored to the needs of your wellness program.

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What We Offer


Our Wellness Salad Boxx is packed with fresh, locally sourced, chemical-free vegetables from area farms.

We regularly update the contents of each Boxx with produce that's in season locally.


You never have to worry about eating food that's shipped in from across the country.

And we deliver your boxes on a schedule that works best for you.

We can't wait to speak with you about making Traders Hill Farm fresh produce an integral part of your workplace wellness program!

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