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Hot, Sweet, and Unique, Datil Sting Hot Honey Now Available for Retail and Foodservice

St. Augustine, Florida is known as the oldest city in the U.S. and also known for growing some of the hottest chili peppers grown in the country, like the fiery datil pepper. Traders Hill Farm, in partnership with World Honey Market, has produced a blend of 100% raw orange blossom honey from Central Florida with St. Augustine datil peppers to create the deliciously sweet—but with just the right amount of heat—Datil Sting Hot Honey.

Traders Hill Farm will debut and market the hot honey product at Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure conference April 6-8 in Orlando, FL.

It is believed datil peppers first came to St. Augustine from Spain in the late 1700s. Datil peppers are a cultural phenomenon that began in Northern Florida, and a love for their unique flavor has spread across the country. With a median heat rating of 200,000 Scoville units, datils are on par with habanero and Scotch bonnet peppers but boast a mellower, sweeter flavor.

"The combination of sweet orange blossom and datil pepper heat creates a desirable flavor profile great on everything from vegetables and wings to gourmet charcuterie platters and in exotic cocktails," says Tracy Nazzaro, President & General Manager of Traders Hill Farm. "It’s perfect right out of the bottle as a sauce for ice cream and BBQ, along with other summer favorites from fried chicken to cornbread—even hot dogs and hamburgers."

Datil Sting Hot Honey is available in retail and foodservice pack sizes of 12-ounce, half-gallon and 1 gallon. Point-of-sale merchandise display materials are also available.

"Combining our Northeast Florida locally-produced datil peppers with 100% raw orange blossom honey is an extension of our support for the community," Nazzaro continued. "Datil Sting Hot Honey is a perfect product representing our goal to yield delicious, high-quality produce grown locally, safely and sustainably."

For more information about Datil Sting Hot Honey and Traders Hill Farm’s complete line of leafy greens, microgreens, tasty herbs, and locally-grown produce contact Tracy Nazzaro, President,, Rachel Clark, Director of Marketing & Customer Service,, or call (904) 845-2627.

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